Landscape Photography Field Trip


We are going to start out at a location about 45 minutes west of Orlando before sunrise, where we will walk the area to check out shooting opportunities. Then we will look at the relationship of all the physical attributes of the area and see how we can use them to create viable, appealing images. We will not stop at a single image, but will shoot the scene from a number of different vantage points to illustrate how the relationship of trees (in this case) change in relation to one another as we move and arrange then in each shot.

Each shot will look different, even though we are shooting the same elements, because the relationship of the trees to each other will change, and the perspective will change along with it. As the sun rises, the colors will change and make each shot different. Basically, we will be working this area to illustrate how important it is not to remain static in your efforts to create landscape images.

After the sun rises, we will head further west to shoot rural farm lanes lined with moss covered Oak trees. Although the light will be less appealing after the sun rises, there are still viable options for shooting in these areas and creating great images. We will finish up with a break at a local diner in Bushnell, FL before heading home.

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