Portraits for Beginners

Portrait Photography for Beginners

Instructor Susan Francis
Duration Time 2 Sessions 6pm - 8:30pm
Location Harmon Photo, 1808 N. Orange Ave., Orlando FL 32804
Class Description
 Learn the best approach in capturing a beautiful portrait. Susan Francis, Commercial Photographer, will be teaching us how to take a simple portrait. This class will explore different types of portraits and some of the best ways to capture your subject  After a brief introductory discussion about portrait photography you will learn about posing, lighting, lenses, angles and composition.  We will put into practice some of the techniques shown. Bring your camera (DSLR models or similar) and learn expert tips to maximize its features whether you shoot with available or studio light.

Topics Covered
  • An overview Portrait Photography
  • Photo examples
  • Equipment needed
  • Hands on shooting
  • Homework assignment
  • Q&A of challenges and successes
  • Homework review
  • Positive, encouraging critiques
Materials Needed
  • Camera with fully charged battery and memory card
  • Lens/es
  • Notepad
  • Photo 2 or equivalent skills
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Class price: $150

Professional Photographer
Susan has been a professional and award-winning photographer for more than 25 years, and is co-owner of Harmon’s School of Photography and Catchlight Studios Photography. An experienced wedding and portrait photographer, Susan enjoys floral and fine art photography.