One Night, One Light Portraiture

Instructor Herbie Martin
Duration Time 1 Session 6pm - 8:30pm
Location Harmon Photo, 1808 N. Orange Ave., Orlando FL 32804
Class Description

This is the perfect class for those who want to learn how to shoot high quality, lit portraits with only a single light source; whether its a hot/cold light, a flash or even an LED light.

Designed for the intermediate level, this class simplifies the importance of making every light count for several reasons. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase multiple lights for portraits. Perhaps you want to travel light and don’t have the space for two flashes. Or maybe you just want a challenge. Whatever the case, you can produce a wide variety of lighting scenarios using a single light source.

In this practical class, you will learn how to see light, build your knowledge base and learn the tricks of lighting portraits beautifully and efficiently. All lighting will be provided.

Price $75

Topics Covered
  • Understanding Light
  • Lighting equipment
  • Basics of Portrait Lighting
  • Creative uses of a single light
  • Working with a model
Materials Needed
  • DSLR or camera with manual exposure modes & hot shoe
  • Fully charged camera battery & memory card
  • Photo 2 or equivalent skills
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Class price: $75

Professional Photographer
Herbie is a member of the Harmon Photo staff and teaches a number of our practical shooting classes. Herbie brings his SCAD photography/art degree and over 25 years of professional experience to each of his classes.