Lightroom – Organization

Instructor John Francis
Duration Time 3 Sessions (1 per week) - 6pm-8:30pm
Location Harmon Photo, 1808 N. Orange Ave., Orlando FL 32804
Class Description

Adobe Lightroom is designed specifically for digital photographers, and offers powerful features to organize and edit your images. This newly structured three-week class will introduce you to the power of Lightroom and its organizing capabilities, which is an essential prelude to an efficient and effective digital workflow.

The class focuses on Lightroom’s Library Module, which is the key to a functional photo management program, and will show you how to:

Create a file and folder management system; backup images and the Lightroom Catalog; import images into Lightroom; rename images and folders; navigate the Library Module; efficiently review images; add metadata to protect your images; create and manage keywords; search for images with flags, keywords & metadata; understand & use collections; digital workflow; Quick Develop options, syncing with LR Mobile and how to avoid the pitfalls that can trap new Lightroom users.

If you are tired of dealing with an unorganized – and growing – photo collection, and searching through multiple folders to find them, then this class is for you. Good organization and workflow are an essential prelude to editing your images, which will be covered in depth in a subsequent class.

This class is based on Lightroom Classic CC, but is relevant for Lightroom versions 4-6 also. Please note that Lightroom CC (the cloud-based version) is NOT covered in this class.

It is not necessary to have a laptop with Lightroom installed for this class, but you are welcome to bring one, and follow along, if you want to.  This is a demonstrated class – all students will receive a PDF copy of the class slides.


Price $150.00


Topics Covered
  • Create a structured file and folder management system on your computer
  • Create a functional backup system for both your images and Lightroom data
  • Import images into Lightroom from your camera, hard drive, memory card reader, or other storage device
  • Choose the best settings for Importing images
  • Rename images and folders within Lightroom
  • Navigate the Library Module interface
  • Efficiently review, select, and reject images from a new shoot
  • Add metadata to help protect your images on the internet
  • Create, manage and add keywords
  • Search for image(s) based on any combinations of flags, keywords and metadata
  • Understand, create and manage the different types of Lightroom Collections
  • Organize an efficient digital workflow and begin the editing process
  • When to use – and not to use – Lightroom’s Quick Develop options
  • Avoid the pitfalls that often trap new Lightroom users
Materials Needed
  • Laptop Optional
  • Notepad
  • None required
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Class price: $150

Professional Photographer
A professional educator, John has been involved in photography for over 30 years. Together with Susan, he is co-owner of both Harmon’s School of Photography and Catchlight Studios Photography. John is mainly a people photographer, but also enjoys travel and fine art photography.