Lighting Workshop – Low Key Portraits

Instructor John Francis
Duration Time 1 Session 10am -2pm
Location Unity Church 4801 Clarcona Ocoee Rd, Orlando FL 32810
Class Description

In this one-day workshop, which is part of our series on studio and flash photography, we will show you how to use both small and large flashes to create stunning low key portraits. We will review the most common portrait lighting patterns, and show how to setup 1, 2 and even 3 lights to create classic and dramatic low key looks.

We will use various modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, scrims etc.) and predominantly dark backgrounds to create a variety of low key looks. We will also show you how to use colored gels to quickly change the look of your portraits. This workshop is very hands-on, and you will quickly be able to put into practice all the techniques you learn by working with a model.

All studio lighting equipment, including flash meters and radio transmitters, will be provided. Even if you are new to studio-style portraiture, this workshop will help you make informed buying decisions, and get you started on your way to creating great portraits with this timeless feel.

At the conclusion of this class, you will know how you can easily create great low key results with even just one flash and a minimum of equipment. Please note, that in order to maximize the time each student gets to photograph the model, the class size for this workshop is strictly limited.

Price $150

Topics Covered
  • Lighting (flash heads) large and small
  • Light stands & light modifiers
  • Backgrounds
  • Lighting patterns
  • Controlling light spread
  • Using gels
  • Light placement
  • Using a flash meter & radio triggers
  • Practical application with model shoot
Materials Needed
  • A DSLR or camera with manual exposure modes & hot shoe
  • Fully charged camera battery & memory card
  • Notepad
  • Photo 2 or equivalent skills

Professional Photographer
A professional educator, John has been involved in photography for over 30 years. Together with Susan, he is co-owner of both Harmon’s School of Photography and Catchlight Studios Photography. John is mainly a people photographer, but also enjoys travel and fine art photography.