iPhone Photography - Phoneography

iPhone Photography – Phoneography

Instructor Gary Shaver
Duration Time 2 Session 6pm - 8:30pm
Location Harmon Photo, 1808 N. Orange Ave., Orlando FL 32804
Class Description
This will be an introduction to iPhone photography to get you confident, motivated and excited about making better photos with your smartphone. The class will be a “hands on” type class so you will have your phone on and working during the class. We will be practicing the skills that we are learning during the class time and will be making the best use of the built in camera technology.
The classes will be 2 1/2 hours long but will be presented in a relaxed setting with a small halftime break.
In the second class we will discover “Using the Advanced Features of My Smartphone”, “How to Edit and Add Special Effects to Your Photos”.


Price $100

Topics Covered
  • How Smart is Your Smartphone
  • Using the Built-in Camera app
  • Skills for Getting the Best Photos
  • The Importance of Focus
  • Getting the Perfect Exposure
  • Can I Use the Zoom Feature in my Camera
  • Using the Advanced Features of the Built-in Camera
  • How to Compose for Great Photos
  • Using Software to Improve my Images
  • Getting Creative with Filters and Effects
  • How to Print and Share Your Images
Materials Needed
  • A new or fairly new Apple iPhone
  • Notepad
  • A general understanding of the camera app is helpful but not necessary
  • Please make sure your phone is fully charged when you arrive
  • Be sure your phone is up to date on your system software.
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Class price: $100

Guest Instructor
Gary Shaver's award winning images will stay with you for a long time. His distinct photographic and editing style make his photography stand out in today's 'everyone is a photographer world'!