Glamour Workshop – Herblish Classic

Instructor Herbie Martin
Duration Time 1 Session 10am -2:30pm
Location Waldorf Astoria Orlando - 14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Ln, Orlando, FL 32821
Class Description

In this workshop, creative photographer Herbie Martin will teach his style of Glamour Photography. The workshop will give aspiring glamour photographers the chance to hone their skills in this very popular genre.  This intense workshop will be held at a private suite, and will provide insights into choosing models, working, directing and posing them to flatter their assets and hide their flaws.

The workshop will begin with the Herblish Classic Glamour presentation. Through this presentation he will discuss information about the ‘do and don’ts’ along with the current trends of glamour photography, how to work a client/model, composition and other useful skills and techniques. He will also unveil his Glam 10 Theory for Fun or Profit.

The workshop will continue with a practical example of studio lighting. You will be introduced in detail to all the equipment that will be used on the day, including all the accessories and their different applications (soft boxes, beauty dishes, reflectors etc.). You will be taught how to choose the most suitable accessories to achieve the desired and most optimal effect.

You will be given the opportunity to put all into practice immediately following the presentation. You will learn techniques to set up and modify lighting that is flattering for the glamour model in a non-studio environment.  Photographers will learn to bring out their passion for capturing beautiful models in sexy attire in this structured workshop.

Space is Limited!

Price $300

Topics Covered
  • How to adjust and match the studio lights to the interior atmosphere
  • How to set the right light levels
  • How to combine the artificial lights with daylight
  • When to use hard and soft light
  • How to use reflectors
  • How to work with only one source of light
  • How to use multiple lights effectively and efficiently
  • The basic light set up for a portrait up to a full figure shoot
Materials Needed
  • A DSLR or camera with manual exposure modes & hot shoe
  • Fully charged camera battery & memory card
  • Notepad
  • Photo 2 or equivalent skills

Professional Photographer
Herbie is a member of the Harmon Photo staff and teaches a number of our practical shooting classes. Herbie brings his SCAD photography/art degree and over 25 years of professional experience to each of his classes.